About us

UNIMAR is an Italian institute dealing with the fields of fisheries and aquaculture, that associates the research centers belonging to the national associations of fishers’ cooperatives. UNIMAR associates 45 research cooperative and about 300 researchers, who have a long experience in the field of applied research to aquatic environments, feasibility studies, design and technical support of aquaculture, protection of marine and lagoon ecosystems.

The UNIMAR mission is to contribute to research, knowledge and depth of the problems of the fisheries sector with particular reference to those of biological, ecological, technological, economic, social, legal and training in order to promote the development and fisheries enhancement, fisheries economics, aquaculture and coastal areas. UNIMAR uses a survey network spread on a national scale that acts in direct contact with local production companies, and that is a specific tool for the collection of scientific and statistical data on fisheries and aquaculture. For several years, for the studies in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture, as a supplement to traditional cataloging systems and statistical analysis of data, UNIMAR is using the GIS as a tool for spatial analysis and mapping.

From 1996 to 2013 UNIMAR was in charge of services of technical-scientific assistance to MiPAAF, first within FIFG and then the EFF funds.

UNIMAR associated partners: